【青年科学家系列讲座第三讲】Understanding the polymeric physical nature in biomacromolecules


Understandingthe polymeric physical nature in biomacromolecules

主讲人:刘磊/LIU Lei

时间:11/21/2019(周四)14:30-15:30      地点:国家超级计算深圳中心二楼会议室一      主持人:高毅勤


摘 要

To understand how chromatin, a giant DNA molecule associated with many proteins, is folded in the cell nucleus and its relation with genome function are being considered as the third stage of the human genome project. The Chromosome Conformation Capture experiments offer unprecedented but not straightforward structural information about our genome, by counting the contact frequencies of different genetic loci pairs in spatial proximity. In this talk, I will first give an introduction about how we interpret the experimental data and some coarse-grained polymer models, with which we can construct 3D chromatin structures. We find that many dynamical properties of interphase genome observed in experiments can be well explained by the polymeric nature of chromatin chain. I will also briefly discuss our recent work about how spatial confinement affects the conformation of single polymer chain along with some practical insights.